Have more, Do more, Be more, the philosophy that inspired NOBACCO to design the next step in vaping. Researched and developed by NOBACCO DESIGN CENTER, =ISSON marks the evolution of automatic electronic cigarettes.

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‘‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’’

Leonardo Da Vinci



Only a company that owns a design center can develop an innovative electronic cigarette that enshrouds the modern day needs of the vapers.


A device that is activated automatically via inhalation reassures pleasure allows vaping while charging to maximize efficiency during the day.


=ISSON equals simplicity and autonomy that withstand time and offer a boundless, delightful experience.


‘‘Design is so simple, that’s why is so complicated’’

Paul Rand



It may look simple but it takes years of research to develop an electronic cigarette so elegant and advanced. Astonishingly small in size, outstanding in performance, =ISSON combines the most contemporary features.


Constructed by aluminum with immaculate finish, featuring a 350mAh battery, an elegant portable charging case of 2000mAh and charge and vape system that enhances autonomy, whilst the built in diagnostic system controls that the battery cell and the PCB are performing flawlessly.


Aesthetics, simplicity, pleasure, quality and safety in the foreground.



Feel the moments, live the happiness

=ISSON, living smart. Be yourself. Express freely without restrains. Enjoy every moment without second thoughts, again and again. Be able to add flavor in time because flavor imprints, always seizing the best.


Equipped with a refillable atomizer, =ISSON gives the freedom to choose your favorite e-liquid, taking delight in every moment, individually. 




=ISSON features uniquely ergonomic design in order to fit perfectly in vaper’s hand.


Specifically, its dimensions are:


=ISSON: 118 x 17.8 x 10.6 mm

PCC: 80 x 24 x 37.9 mm



Charging and light indicator



Insert =ISSON in the slot until it stabilizes. The light indicator of PCC will lit, starting =ISSON’s charging. Upon the completion of charging, the indicator will turn off.



PCC acts as a portable charger and carry case for =ISSON.

Charging of the PCC is carried out via the USB port at the back plate.

During PCC’s charging, light indicator remains green and goes off when fully charged.

Green: 20% - 100%

Red: 0% - 20%

Light blinks: PCC needs recharging.

To recharge PCC connect it with the supplied cable to a USB port.


Kit includes:

1 x =ISSON battery


2 x =ISSON Pods

1 x Mini-USB cable

User manual


Additional Characteristics

=ISSON has a tank of 1.6ml capacity.
Τhe maintenance cost is at a low level.
Passthrough charging system
The passthrough charging system allows you to continue vaping while =ISSON is being charged.
Magnetic atomizer
You can change your atomizer easily thanks to its magnetic connection.
118mm / 80mm
17.8mm / 24mm
10.6mm / 37.9mm
Thread Type
Atomizer Type
Atomizer’s coil head resistance
2.2 Ohm
Atomizer Capacity
Battery Capacity ISSON/PCC
350mAh / 2000mAh
To read the User's Manual click on the Manual's image:

Quick Start Guide Video


The devices (=ISSON battery and PCC) are covered by 6 months warranty and the atomizer by 3 days warranty. For any warranty claims, a valid Proof of Purchase is required.

The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect or failure to follow the instructions included with the device or any repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by NOBACCO.



  • Please read the instructions carefully, for the proper use of the product.
  • A 20% loss of battery cell capacity due to wear and tear is considered normal (approximately 70mAh for =ISSON and 400mAh for =ISSON PCC) during warranty time.